are people born good or bad essay

15.05.2012 -, it is safe to say that humans are not by nature evil but instead, they are good but easily influenced by the environment and society to act in evil way and do such evil things. You choose the road you want to take; either it's the bad road or the good road. We are all born to live a life where we will be faced with good and
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Hobbes and Rousseau had an opposite opinion on how humans are. Are they ... Hobbes thought that "all people are born selfish and will only seek their own interest," (Thomas Ho. ... As children we learn that evil is bad, and that we should never practice it, while doing a good deed is something we should do all the time.
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Are humans good or bad? It is a question that has puzzled people that stumble over it, and not many can actually find the answer. The fact that humans may be born good and have slowly been corrupted by society, or that they have been born bad and have been kept in check by laws is unknown. It is such a fundamental
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